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SD-WAN 3.0 Solution - iCONNECT
The iCONNECT is a third generation SD-WAN product based on software management combined with the business requirements of the enterprise's next generation hybrid WAN.

iCONNECT simplifies branch service management and deployment by creating a logical network overlay on top of the user's existing network architecture and virtualizing the WAN using a centralized controller. iCONNECT provides better control and management, and the "ISA (INDUSTRIAL SCENARIOS ADAPTOR)" controller provides an adaptive management strategy for applications to ensure optimal application performance. A key element in the overall architectural design is ISA+ application awareness. ISA understands the SLA requirements of individual applications and translates them into policies which network services followed. This provides flexible monitoring of the network and application experience, to ensure optimal traffic delivery and QoE -- whether it's on-premises, private/public cloud, or SaaS.


At the same time, iCONNECT provides an automatic policy-based framework, from unified control and management to a single data transfer plane. Increased visibility allows administrators to gain insight into applications, devices, users, and networks to ensure that their business intentions are met. Simplifies the ability to define, control, and change business requirements across branches, data centers, and cloud /SaaS.

ICONNECT based on industry characteristics has five functional Modules:
Key Features of Wisdom SD-WAN 3.0

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